Established within the Institute for Genome Sciences in 2007, Maryland Genomics is a high-throughput ‘omics laboratory and data analysis team utilizing state-of-the-art technology to generate and analyze high-quality ‘omic data in a cost-effective manner. Our diverse team is comprised of scientists, bioinformaticians, project managers, and research specialists with extensive experience in planning and managing both small and large-scale projects. We operate multiple high-throughput sequencing platforms, including Illumina, Pacific Biosciences, and Oxford Nanopore, with a combined annual capacity exceeding 900 trillion bases of high-quality, passed-filter data. We also provide single-cell sequencing using the 10x Genomics platform, and digital molecular counting and spatial multi-omics assays on the NanoString nCounter and CosMx platforms. As part of our mandate, we strive to maintain cutting-edge genomic capabilities and continually upgrade our platforms and pipelines to the latest technologies.

The Maryland Genomics leadership team has more than 100 combined years of experience and includes:


Luke Tallon
Luke Tallon Senior Executive Director
Ramaswamy Iyer
Ramaswamy Iyer, PhD, D(ABMGG), FACMG Director,
Clinical Genomics
Lisa DeShong Sadzewicz
Lisa DeShong
Sadzewicz, PhD
Administrative Director
Mike Humphrys
Mike Humphrys Technical Director
Anup Mahurkar
Anup Mahurkar Director of Software Engineering & IT